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PhD Student in chemistry or materials science (m/f)

The aim of the joint research project between the Laboratory for Functional Polymers, Empa, Dübendorf, Switzerland and the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina is to develop new dielectric elastomer materials with good dielectric and mechanical properties to be implemented in dielectric elastomer generators and sensors. The emphasis will be on the synthesis of some specially designed molecules which will be encapsulated in polymer nanoparticles. The resulting particles will be blended in polydimethylsiloxane. Thin films of such composites will be investigated regarding their dielectric, mechanical, and electromechanical properties.

In the project, you have to perform the synthesis and characterization of new polymers, process polymers into nanoparticles and synthesize and characterize silicone composites. You have to collaborate with internal and external groups and communicate your results in meetings and conferences, as well as write reports and publications.

We are looking for highly motivated candidates with a Master in material science, chemistry, polymer chemistry or in a related field. The candidate should have advanced knowledge in material characterization techniques, be able to work in a multi-disciplinary field, be open to learn new technologies. Excellent communication skills and fluency in English (written and oral) is mandatory.

The work will be carried out at Empa Dübendorf under supervision of Dr. Dorina Opris. The position will be available from June 2017 on. The planned project duration is four years.

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8600 Dübendorf [CH]
Yes, until 05/31/2021