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Post Doc position (m/f)

The applicant requires a MSc degree and a PhD degree preferably in marine biogeochemistry. Ideally, the applicant should be experienced in the marine carbonate system dynamics and dissolved gases, hydrodynamics and its effects on solute distributions. Knowledge of Matlab or Mathematica or similar programming language is desirable. Excellent written and oral communications skills in English are essential. We expect the candidate participate in research expeditions at sea.

The task of the advertised position is to assist in the development of monitoring strategies of CO2 seepage from seafloor using benthic lander measurements in combination with water column observations (e.g. geochemistry, current regimes). Results will be used to help define baseline scenarios for best practice methodologies and tools for baseline environmental monitoring relevant to offshore CCS. Spatial and temporal variability at all relevant scales with respect to physical, chemical and biological parameters will be determined.

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GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research
24148 Kiel
Yes, until 02/29/2020

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