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Immunologist (m/f)

  • University-level biologist (MSc), bioengineer (MSc) or physician (MD - with professional education / knowledge in cell biology, immunology and / or biotechnology)
  • Work experience in a research center / in the field of immunology / cell biology (preferably abroad as well)
  • English language proficiency, publication practice (PhD gained in related fields is an advantage)
  • Experience in cell and tissue culture as well as in sterile work environment, knowledge and confident use of hybridoma and monoclonal antibody development methods
  • Knowledge of immunoassay procedures and related measuring instruments
  • Animal house experience (mainly rodents), implementation of specific and other standard tasks and interventions
  • Implementation of related cell biological and immunological tasks
  • Active involvement in the company's antibody development projects, supporting running method development
  • Application of mono and polyclonal antibody development technologies, optimization of existing procedures, adaptation of new methods
  • Production, purification and functional characterization of in vitro and / or in vivo antibodies, as needed, using functional immunoassay techniques
  • Design and implementation of relevant laboratory experiments, or even controlling / supervising processes independently
  • Drawing conclusions, direct determination (of the directions) of further processes / outputs
  • Supporting the company's other cell biology (cell and tissue culture, histochemistry, immunocytochemistry, etc.) tasks as needed

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