PhD student position in the field of "Biopolymer aerogels for thermal superinsulation" (m/f)

We will determine the factors that govern the microstructure of biopolymer and biopolymer-silica aerogels by systematic parameter studies of biopolymer chain length and functionality and the synthesis parameters (temperature, pH). The molecular interactions and structure of selected samples will be analysed by advanced analytical techniques, including solid-state NMR and AFM-IR. Finally, you will develop strategies to hydrophobize polysaccharide aerogels and subject the resulting materials to accelerated aging.

We are looking for a highly motivated PhD student with background in (bio)polymer or sol-gel chemistry and/or materials science. You have a MSc. degree in chemistry, materials science, chemical engineering or similar field. You know your way around a chemical laboratory and are confident to operate complex analytical instruments. The study requires at the same time an analytical mind-set for data interpretation, and a hands-on approach to trouble-shooting in the lab.

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8600 Dübendorf [CH]

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