Scientist, Chemistry (m/f)

This individual will work under the mentorship of a supervisor to discover, develop and execute routes, with particular emphasis on biocatalyzed transformations, to compounds that treat a variety of diseases.

The candidate will be a member of an integrated Process Research & Development project team, consisting of chemists (synthetic, biosynthetic, structural, analytical) and engineers, with the goal of identifying and developing novel and practical enzymatic transformations to newly discovered therapeutic targets.

  • M.S. degree in chemistry with 0+ years of laboratory experience or B.S. degree in chemistry with 3+ years laboratory experience
  • Broad range of functional expertise in modern synthetic organic chemistry, compound purification and spectral analysis / interpretation
  • Desire to work with biocatalysts to identify and optimize reactions toward target molecules

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AbbVie Inc.
Lake County, Illinois [USA]

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