Senior Scientist Food Microbiology (m/f)

  • PhD in a scientific domain, such as food microbiology, microbiology, molecular biology, or related areas, or an equivalent qualification
  • Minimum 5 years relevant working experience in the field of food microbiology and / or microbiological / molecular testing
  • Expert knowledge in nucleid acid-based methods in particular real-time PCR methods and DNA sample preparation (because you used, developed and validated methods, ideally in the field of Food Microbiology, during your studies and / or professional career)
  • Planning, preparing, implementing and documenting experimental work for development, validation studies of nucleic acid-based kits in the context of microbiology testing for the food and feed industry
  • Conducting literature, technology and market research related to Rapid Molecular Methods specifically for microbiological testing of food and feed
  • Functional supervising of technical staff
  • Promoting development projects from project idea to implementation of development work, validation and product certification
  • Communicating with internal stakeholders (i.e. product management, kit production, marketing) as well as external stakeholders (e.g.laboratory partners, suppliers, lead customers) in order to create new products tailored to the needs of our customers
  • Supporting of application specialist and customer service team in technical questions and in-depth troubleshooting for kits from Eurofins GeneScan Technologies GmbH in the context of microbiology testing and related areas in order to provide outstanding service to kit customers
  • Working together with product management in strategic decisions to broaden and optimize the product folio for rapid molecular methods in food microbiology

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