Scientific Coworker/ Postdoc (m/f)

  • PhD degree (or equivalent) in Life Sciences (e.g. Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Virology, Medicine)
  • A strong motivation for exploring a new and unique research field opening up a very promising perspective for fruitful establishment of networks with experienced scientists
  • Theoretical knowledge in the following subjects is mandatory: Immunology, Molecular Biology / Genetics
  • Interest in molecular mechanisms of pathogenicity / virology as well as profound experience in establishment of cell lines / infection models / animal work is a plus

The division "Episomal-Persistent DNA in Cancer- and Chronic Diseases" analyzes human patient material for the presence of a novel group of putative pathogens termed Bovine Meat and Milk Factors (BMMFs) which are frequently isolated from bovine meat and milk. These plasmid-related episomal DNA agents are speculated to represent specific long-latency risk factors for the development of several major human diseases like breast and colon cancer as well as neurodegenerative diseases - several of those epidemiologically linked with bovine meat and milk consumption. We recently verified BMMF bioactivity in human cells along with specific modulation of disease-relevant host pathways. In addition, we established a spectrum of diagnostic screening tools allowing detection of putative pathogenic proteins as well as analysis of indicative serological and immunological response patterns.

With a strong focus on BMMF genome / transcriptome / proteome analysis, the aim of the new research project is the identification of additional disease markers but also specific immunologic analysis of human response upon infection with already known BMMFs. Human cell culture infection models as well as selected animal models are the tools for detailed analysis of BMMF contribution to cancer / disease development, which serves as a milestone for interventions like targeted therapy / vaccination.

In this multifaceted project the successful candidate exploits experimental techniques in the field of immunology, virology as well as molecular biology (e.g. DANN / RNA Sequencing, PAR-CLiP / RACE, mass spectrometry, serological / protein screening assays e.g. WB / NB / IF / ICH / ELISA / FACS). We offer a research project with access to excellent technical facilities and a place in a dynamic and creative international team with strong scientific collaborations.

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Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ)
69120 Heidelberg

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