Chemical Operator (m/f)

  • High School Diploma or equivalent required
  • At least 2 - 5 years experience in a chemical manufacturing or similar environment preferred
  • Operate chemical process equipment in a safe manner adhering to all safety guidelines
  • Start up and shutdown equipment for routine and emergency situation. Must be able to accomplish emergency shutdown in breathing air equipment
  • Monitor process equipment by observing instruments, panel lights, and other indicators, listen for warning signals to verify conformity of process conditions to plant standards of safety and efficiency
  • Make control adjustments affecting quality and yield of product as necessary to meet standards of quality and efficiency
  • Troubleshoot problems using unit methodology together with co-workers, technical and / or supervisory personnel to resolve conditions affecting safety, efficiency, and product quality
  • Transfer liquid or gaseous fluids to or from process equipment by operating valves
  • Operate valves or manipulate controls to maintain systems at specified temperature, pressure, or vacuum levels
  • Make specified operating adjustments on such equipment as pumps, compressors, reactors, distillation columns, heat exchangers, incinerators, furnaces, dryers, etc.
  • Make repeated trips through the entire plant area to visually inspect equipment for leaks and hazards and to record instrument readings, process conditions, and other operating data on daily round sheets
  • Maintain production records such as reading sheets and visible emissions logs
  • Assist maintenance personnel in plant repairs including removing and installing valves, pumps, blinds, etc. Assistance includes pulling, pushing, lifting, carrying parts, equipment and tools, use appropriate tools to properly open, close, remove and secure items
  • Perform Lock-out, Tag-out operations when preparing equipment for maintenance and return to service
  • In event of malfunction and / or escape toxic raw materials, immediately alerts Shift Foreman, dons emergency survival equipment and isolates leak
  • Perform Job Tasks as outlined in Unit specific Standard Operating Procedures
  • Respond to Unit emergency situations as defined in unit-specific emergency action plans
  • Perform duties as assigned to include loading / unloading, packaging / drumming, and moving materials within or near the plant, yard, or work site
  • Perform routine / non-routine housekeeping jobs to keep work area clean and safe
  • Assist in cleaning of plugged piping and equipment
  • Write and / or review job task breakdowns and standard operating procedures
  • Draw samples of products for laboratory analysis
  • May be asked to perform a limited number of analytical tests (for example; pH or caustic concentration)

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Evonik Industries AG
Mobile, Alabama [USA]