Senior Scientist (m/f)

  • PhD in Polymer Science or Polymer Chemistry plus 3 or more years of relevant industrial experience; a demonstrated level of performance and capability as determined by management
  • Led projects under minimal supervision. Demonstrated use of experience, scientific knowledge, and technical creativity / intuition to independently determine and propose scientific methods and approaches to meet project goals and objectives. Demonstrated resolution of technical challenges. Worked on multiple activities in parallel and on multi-faceted research projects with minimal or no supervision. Managed research tasks of appropriate scope and complexity.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and use of scientific principles pertaining to the operation of standard laboratory, analytical, and processing and manufacturing equipment; examples include: analytical balances, glass reactors, vacuum systems, extruder, mills, LC, DSC, viscometer, NMR, etc..
  • Design biomaterial synthesis (PLGA and CRO) experiments and research programs, execute the processing work, and evaluate results to meet project goals and objectives as directed by IM-BMA management. Take leading roles in project activities, that can range from synthetic and analytical method development, material characterization, process development and scale up, to cGMP manufacturing operations and production support.
  • Plan and execute commercial and experimental manufacturing processes.
  • Ensure proper documentation, review, and analysis of experimental activities are timely completed. Make scientifically relevant observations, collect data, and draw accurate conclusions. Follow I2P and APM procedures were applicable.
  • Follow SOP's, cGMP, and GLP regulations and procedures, generate and maintain thorough and accurate documentation in support of SOP, cGMP, and GLP regulated activities.
  • Follow safety practices and procedures, use personal protection equipment (PPE) appropriate to the type of hazard and exposure potential. Actively participate in the Evonik safety culture including the identification and resolution of safety issues.
  • Train lab technicians and technical staff. May oversee laboratory and/or technical activities, as appropriate.

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