Senior Scientist (m/f)

  • Candidates should have completed a doctorate, proven multi-year experience as Post-Doc before the date of appointment and show evidence of outstanding potential for the research field
  • Broad expertise in different fields of environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology
  • Experience in data analysis with advanced methods and models

We seek to foster research activities of the UFZ research unit "Chemicals" by complementary synthesis initiatives. The added value is expected to be gained from targeted projects within the research unit and potentially also in conjunction with other research units such as water resources or ecosystems of the future. The position is thus expected to initiate and promote theory-driven and data-based synthesis projects in one or more of the following fields:

  • Frameworks to linking individual to population responses in adverse outcome pathways
  • Multiple stress: Bridging across different stressor scales
  • Enhancing the interoperability of available data basis, tools and expertise
  • Water quality: Fostering integration of chemical and biological quality measures
  • Strategies to integrate environmental and health risk assessment

The successful candidate is expected to:

  • Develop specific synthesis projects
  • Provide lead in performing prioritized projects
  • Attract key players to participate
  • Communicate conceptual frameworks and outcomes

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Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ)
04318 Leipzig