Assistant Environmental Analytical Chemistry (m/f/d)

Polar organic compounds originating from natural and anthropogenic sources considerably affect water quality. A focus is on new emerging contaminants like pesticides, pharmaceuticals and personal care products and their transformation products. We look for a person willing to develop new approaches for the analysis, occurrence and fate of organic trace compounds and their transformation products. Application areas are processes in the environment and in water treatment.

The successful candidate holds a PhD (doctorate) and has a strong background in Environmental and Analytical Chemistry, as well as in LC-MS applications for organic trace compounds including high-resolution mass spectrometry. The applicant seriously pursues a career in academia or research in an interdisciplinary environment of geo and environmental sciences, acquires successfully third-party-funding and supports in teaching.

Salary is based on TV-L E13 and employment takes place via the Central Administration of the University. In the case of equivalent qualified and experienced candidates, physically challenged applicants are given preference. The University of Tübingen aims to increase of the portion of women in research and teaching and encourages applications from qualified female scientists.

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Universität Tübingen
72027 Tübingen
Start of Work:
Yes, until 03/31/2022