Postdoctoral Fellow Iodine chemistry from ultrashort to long time scales (m/f/d)

  • PhD degree in physics, physical or inorganic chemistry
  • Several years of experience in work at a synchrotron facility, with good knowledge in instrumentation and data analysis
Iodine chemistry is playing an important role in atmospheric chemistry and nuclear reactor safety. Emission of iodine out of the aqueous phase is triggered by photolysis or radiolysis of precursors and the ensuing radical chemistry. Within a strongly interdisciplinary project, you will perform ultrashort and short time scale X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy experiments at PSI's free electron laser and synchrotron facilities. You will also perform application oriented experiments with flow reactors related to environmental and nuclear reactor accident experiments to determine aqueous and gas phase product speciation, as well as contribute to the development of numerical codes for iodine models. You will publish your results in the scientific literature and present them at international conferences.

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Paul Scherrer Institut
5232 Villigen [CH]