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Krüss GmbH
Dosing falling drops with a defined volume for contact and roll-off angles
Stefan Benn, Ming Jin, Frank Thomsen, Krüss GmbH
When it comes to measurements involving falling drops, the drop size and fall height have to be kept constant if comparable results are to be achieved. If the same needle diameter is used, falling drops of the same liquid are indeed always the same size. However, it is almost impossible to specify the...

Deutsche Metrohm GmbH & Co. KG
Ion Chromatography - tips and tricks
Deutsche Metrohm GmbH & Co. KG
One of the basic requirements for ensuring reliable chromatographic analyses is a high-performance separation column. Users of IC should regularly check the performance of their column. If a drop in performance becomes apparent, steps can be taken in good time to restore or maintain the proper functioning...

ACHEMA 2018: Containment in Process Engineering
A paradigm change in solids production is underway in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The trend to increased specialization and higher-potency active ingredients creates the need for hermetically sealed process flows. Government regulations are also becoming stricter. To an increasing extent,...

School of Materials Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, PR China
Determining the wettability of carbon fiber tows from single fiber contact angle data
Jian Wang, Si Qiu, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, PR China
Carlos A. Fuentes, Department of Materials Engineering, KU Leuven, Belgium

Physical adhesion between carbon fibers (CFs) and polymer matrices as well as the formation of voids at the interface between these two materials are mostly determined by the wetting properties of the fibers. Due to the hierarchical structure of CF reinforcements, it is essential to study their wetting...

Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH
Analytical methods for plastic packaging of foods
Uwe Oppermann, Marion Engelkraut-Holthus, Jan Knoop, Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH
The influence of cups, plastic bottles and film packaging on human health and the environment is a challenge. Supermarket shelves are full of products that are, in part, packaged in highly complex plastics. These types of packaging materials are lightweight and also highly stable, and protect expensive...

Metrohm International
Analysis on site: Heavy metals
Metrohm International
Heavy metals such as arsenic and mercury find their way into the ground water in many regions of the world, either through natural processes or as the result of human activities. Limit values are exceeded many times over, particularly for arsenic in drinking water, in many areas. This calls for a rigorous...

3T analytik GmbH & CO. KG
qCell T auto - a fully automated QCM-D platform for surface interaction analysis
Dr. Adam L.J. Olsson, Dr. Paula Braun, Jin Zhang, 3T analytik GmbH & CO. KG
This study introduces the qCell T auto as a reliable and efficient tool for effortless long-time measurements that otherwise would have required the full hands-on attention of trained personnel. It carries all essential features of advanced Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation monitoring (QCM-D)...

Krüss GmbH
Inline process control of wettability by means of contact angle measurement on moving surfaces
Min Jin, Dr. Thomas Willers, Krüss GmbH
Contact angle measurement has completed the step from the test laboratory into the production hall with regard to quality assurance for the cleaning and pretreatment of surfaces. This has been made possible thanks to the development of fast and mobile measuring technologies. We go even further with this...

Eppendorf Application Technologies S.A.
The Tip of the Iceberg: How Pipette Tips Influence Results - How to Save Money at the Wrong End
Muriel Art, Vincent Dufey, Eppendorf Application Technologies S.A.
Ulrike Gast, Eppendorf AG

With some manufacturers' tips it makes a difference if in serial pipetting (e.g. calibration), a new tip is used for each pipetting or if the series is pipetted using only one tip. This influence on the pipetting result is caused by variations in pipette tip quality. Eppendorf pipette tips were found...

Leica Microsystems GmbH
Why do we need a Pinhole in a Confocal Microscope?
Dr. Rolf T. Borlinghaus, Leica Microsystems GmbH
Whenever we use a confocal microscope and when we will have to discuss its parameters and features, inevitably the pinhole will be talked about and how its size effects the resulting images. This brief introductory text explains the meaning of the pinhole and is meant for readers who do not want to spend...

Xylem Analytics Germany GmbH & Co. KG
Reagent-free Measurement of COD, Nitrate and Nitrite via Optical Methods in the Lab and Online Directly in the Process
Dr. Ulrich Franke, Susanne Gollor, Xylem Analytics Germany GmbH & Co. KG
The chemical oxygen demand (COD), nitrate, nitrite and ammonium are among the central wastewater parameters, in order to ensure safe, optimized and smooth wastewater treatment processes. COD is a sum parameter, whose composition is very plant-specific due to the different contents of the respective wastewaters...

Process Raman spectroscopy for the monitoring of distillations
Dr. Clemens Minnich, S-PACT
Among the thermal separation processes, distillation has the longest tradition and has already been used to separate spirits (alcohols) from fermented food. Thanks to its driving force, the differences in vapour pressure of the components in question, adding thermal energy is already sufficient to achieve...

Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH
Analysis of unstable compounds using online SFE-SFC
Dr. Isabelle Möller, Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH
Free radicals are short-lived molecular fragments of oxygen and are suspected of being responsible for aging processes but also for damage to cells or enzymes. Cells, however, have their own defense mechanisms to counter free radicals. Such antioxidants, like ascorbic acid or coenzyme Q10, react with...

PerkinElmer Inc.
Evaluating Cisplatin Uptake in Ovarian Cancer Cells by Single Cell ICP-MS
Stan Smith, Chady Stephan, PerkinElmer Inc.
Cisplatin, carboplatin, and oxaliplatin are the most widely used of platinum-based cancer chemotherapy drugs in the Western world. Cisplatin's effectiveness is due to its ability to bind to the DNA, resulting in DNA-platinum (Pt) adducts, which bend the DNA. The cells must then repair the DNA damage,...

Analytik Jena AG
Preparing Biological Samples for Elemental Analysis by ICP-MS
Andrew Ryan, Analytik Jena AG
The transition from Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) to Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) has been gradual for the clinical industry over the past two decades. Both flame AAS and graphite furnace AAS techniques have served the industry well in hospitals, clinical institutes,...

Eppendorf Application Technologies S.A.
The Tip of the Iceberg: How Pipette Tips Influence Results - Not Every Tip Tolerates Every Treatment
Muriel Art, Vincent Dufey, Eppendorf Application Technologies S.A.
Ulrike Gast, Eppendorf AG

The pipetting accuracy of pipette tips by certain manufacturers may suffer after autoclaving. This was not the case for Eppendorf tips. We describe the measures which Eppendorf takes in order to avoid the negative influences of autoclaving. Furthermore, we describe how the interference of biological...

Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt (CVUA) Stuttgart
Determination of ethyl carbamate in stone fruit spirits, fruit marc spirits and other spirit drinks - A method validation study
Carmen Breitling-Utzmann, Kerstin Zietemann, Simone Goetz, Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt (CVUA) Stuttgart
Ethyl carbamate (EC) is a toxic substance which can occur naturally in significant amounts in stone fruit spirits and other spirit drinks. Commission recommendation (EU) 2016/22 states that a target level of 1 mg L-1 EC should be achieved in stone fruit spirits and stone fruit marc spirits....

Metrohm International
Glyphosate and AMPA in drinking water - Determination using ion chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection
Metrohm International
In March 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) published a report which stated that glyphosate was "probably carcinogenic to humans". Ever since, the use of this chemical has been highly controversial. In some countries, including the USA, there are already limit values in effect...

Shimadzu Europa GmbH
Emission measurements of glow sticks in party bracelets
Marion Egelkraut-Holtus, Shimadzu Europa GmbH
Glow sticks are increasingly popular at major events like concerts, carnival sessions or New Year's Eve parties - even birthday parties. But they are also used in high-performance applications, for instance for illumination purposes in professional diving processes. Or in general, as a light source when...

PerkinElmer Inc.
Analysis of Micronutrients in Fruit Juice Using the Avio 200 ICP-OES
Nick Spivey, PerkinElmer Inc.
Fruit juice continues to be a popular and refreshing beverage and can be a better nutritional alternative than typical carbonated beverages. The nutritional content of 100% fruit juices is derived from the fruit itself, and these valuable nutrients are displayed on the detailed bottle label. Customers...

Pulveranalyse GbR
Measurement of electrostatic stability of various TiO2 dispersions in laboratory
Daniel Moog, Pulveranalyse GbR
Titanium dioxide can be utilized in various applications such as pigment base in paints, coatings, plastics and laminates. During both, the production process at the TiO2 producer and the manufacturing process of paints, coatings and composite materials, avoiding the coagulation and agglomeration...

Eppendorf AG
The Tip of the Iceberg: How Pipette Tips Influence Results - Perfect Geometry Makes a Difference
Ulrike Gast, Eppendorf AG
Laura Koch, Eppendorf Polymere

We performed a study including standard tips from different manufacturers in order to investigate the tip-related influences on the pipetting result. The study showed a dramatic impact of the tip on the pipetting accuracy. Small volume pipetting accuracy is significantly influenced by the quality of...

Metrohm International
It's all made of plastic! - Analysis of polymers using Raman-Spectroskopie
Metrohm International
"Plastic" has become something of a dirty word. It makes us think of trash and environmental pollution, inferior quality, mass-produced goods, and excess. But if you take a look around, you will realize that a lot of the objects that surround us - including those that we couldn't live without - are also...

Shimadzu Europa GmbH
Tracing contaminants in polymeric kitchen utensils - Evidence of WEEE relevant substances in polymeric food contact articles (FCAs)
Jan Knoop, Marion Egelkraut-Holtus, Shimadzu Europa GmbH
Franky Puype, Institute for Testing and Certification, Zlin, Tschechische Republik

The amount of polymeric waste is increasing steadily, due for example to shorter life cycles of many technical consumer products. This is why recycling of polymeric/plastic waste becomes more and more important. This process has to be carried out in a secure way, otherwise hazardous substances or materials...

Eppendorf Application Technologies S.A.
The Tip of the Iceberg: How Pipette Tips Influence Results
Muriel Art, Vincent Dufey, Eppendorf Application Technologies S.A.
Ulrike Gast, Eppendorf AG

The fact that a tip fits onto a pipette cone does not say anything about the performance of the pipetting system comprising the components "Pipette and Tip". We performed a study including standard tips from 15 different manufacturers in order to investigate the tip-related influence on the pipetting...

Leica Microsystems GmbH
HyVolution - Super-resolution Imaging with a Confocal Microscope
Dr. Rolf T. Borlinghaus, Dr. Constantin Kappel, Leica Microsystems GmbH
Since the invention of the microscope, there has been continual discussion about the possibility of showing more detailed features of specimens as compared to just magnifying them. Ernst Abbe was the first to explore the issue in depth and found there was a limit to the size of details visible in ordinary...

3T analytik GmbH & CO. KG
QCM-D technology as a new platform for real-time monitoring in biology, medicine and engineering
Dr. Paula Braun, Dr. Frank Gehring, 3T analytik GmbH & CO. KG
QCM-D technology is a surface-sensitive technique for real-time monitoring and characterization of (bio)-layers on a surface with regard to adsorption and desorption events, molecular interactions and structural properties. To date, this old-established technique is becoming increasingly important for...

Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt (CVUA) Stuttgart
Determination of Phomopsin A in Lupin-Containing Food, Using UHPLC-MS/MS
Eric Eichhorn, Stefanie Marschik, Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt (CVUA) Stuttgart
Phomopsin A, a secondary metabolite of the mold Diaporthe toxica, showed severe toxic effects in animal studies with potential relevance for human health. This lead to the establishment of a legal maximum amount for phomopsin A of 5 µg/kg in lupin seeds and their products by the Australian and New Zealand...

Shimadzu Europa GmbH
Determination of PAHs or mineral oils in water using fluorescence spectroscopy - Simple analysis with high detection limits according to ASTM D 5412
Marion Egelkraut-Holtus, Shimadzu Europa GmbH
What do drinking water and wastewater have in common? Contamination. With wastewater, it's likely to think about the total sum of contamination, whereas with drinking water more detailed information on contaminations at trace level may be obtained. Contaminations in drinking water are considered to occur...

Measurement of the migration of low-molecular substances from food packaging
Werner Zillger, LABC-Labortechnik
Food packaging protects contents such as perishable goods. It carries information, both for the consumer and the entire supply chain down to the retail business. Many foods cannot be stored and thus marketed without suitable packaging. Consumers first see the packaging on the supermarket shelf. The incentive...

Metrohm International
Determining the oxidation stability of fats and oils using the Rancimat method
Metrohm International
Foodstuffs that contain fat - like butter, nuts, cookies, and potato chips - turn rancid over time. This is caused by chemical changes in the fat; in particular, its oxidation. Because of this, determining the oxidation stability of fats and oils in foods has proven to be a useful tool in the quality...

Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt (CVUA) Stuttgart
Analysis of Phosphine in Dried Foodstuffs via Headspace-GC-MSD
Roland Perz, Anne Benkenstein, Ellen Scherbaum, Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt (CVUA) Stuttgart
Phosphine is one of the most widely used, cost-effective and rapidly acting fumigants. In EU legislation , maximum residue limits for the sum of phosphine and phosphides in foodstuff are set to within a range of 0.01 and 0.1 mg kg-1, depending on the commodity. A highly sensitive headspace-GC-MSD...

Analytik Jena AG
Direct Determination of Trace Elements in Body Fluids Using ICP-Mass Spectrometry
Dr. René Chemnitzer, Analytik Jena AG
The better understanding of the relevance of various elements in metabolic and other processes in organisms leads to increased interest in the analysis of biological samples like body fluids. Here, the focus is on supply of essential elements and detection of toxic elements. Fast and more sensitive analytical...

Leica Microsystems GmbH
From Light to Mind: Sensors and Measuring Techniques in Confocal Microscopy
Dr. Rolf T. Borlinghaus, Leica Microsystems GmbH
This article outlines the most important sensors used in confocal microscopy. By confocal microscopy, we mean "True Confocal Scanning", i.e. the technique that illuminates and measures one single point only. The aim is not to impart in-depth specialist knowledge, but to give the user a small but clear...

Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt (CVUA) Stuttgart
A novel tube-in-tube filter system for refinement of DNA preparation for detection of Mycobacterium using Real-Time PCR
Reinhard Sting, Lisa Schneider-Bühl, Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt (CVUA) Stuttgart
Eduard Woizenko, HAMILTON Bonaduz AG

A novel tube-in-tube filter system, the AutoLys M 1.0 tube with a 1 µm pore size non-DNA binding and RNase and DNase free filter designed and produced by HAMILTON Bonaduz AG could be successfully integrated in the procedure of DNA extraction from fecal samples for testing on Mycobacterium avium subsp....

Metrohm International
Determine sodium titrimetrically
Metrohm International
In the presence of an excess of potassium and fluoride ions, sodium reacts exothermically with aluminum to produce NaK2AlF6 (elpasolite). This reaction is the cornerstone of a new method for determining sodium in foodstuffs using thermometric titration. Not only is it rapid, straightforward,...

Restek GmbH
Analysis of Nicotine and Impurities in Electronic Cigarette Solutions and Vapor
Jason S. Herrington, Colton Myers, Amanda Rigdon, Restek GmbH
Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are growing in popularity exponentially. Despite their ever-growing acceptance, relatively little work has been done to characterize their vapor. To date, the majority of e-cigarette research has focused on characterizing the solutions, which are ultimately vaporized...

Analytik Jena AG
Speciation of arsenic in apple juice by LC-ICP-MS
Andrew Ryan, Peio Riss, René Chemnitzer, Analytik Jena AG
The different physico-chemical forms of most elements vary in terms of mobility, toxicity and bioavailability. For example, arsenic species such as the inorganic trivalent arsenic (As III) and pentavalent arsenic (AsV) are highly toxic whereas the organic forms as monomethyl arsenic (MMA) and dimethyl...

Online NMR spectroscopy empowered by Indirect Hard Modeling
Dr. Clemens Minnich, S-PACT
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy has finally found its way into the Process Analytical Technology (PAT) toolbox. Powerful benchtop equipment capable of sampling-free online use, coupled with intelligent ways of chemometric spectral analysis, boosts the applicability of the technology to...

Mettler-Toledo GmbH
Softening Point Experiments Compare Methods' Ease, Accuracy
Mettler-Toledo GmbH
A petrochemical product's softening point impacts performance; however, complex test sample preparation and varying heating requirements can present repeatability challenges that affect quality. Comparative softening point studies on bitumen samples using ASTM D 3461 (Mettler cup-and-ball) and ASTM D...

Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt (CVUA) Stuttgart
Identification of Salmonella Enterica Serovar Enteritidis Vaccine Strains by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
Dr. Norman Mauder, Dr. Jörg Rau, Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt (CVUA) Stuttgart
In cases of salmonellosis in humans, the most frequently isolated serovars of Salmonella enterica are Enteritidis (serogroup D1) and Typhimurium (serogroup B). In order to control the main sources of this zoonotic pathogen, poultry populations are treated with attenuated live vaccines. The distinction...

Leica Microsystems GmbH
Super-Resolution - On a Heuristic Point of View About the Resolution of a Light Microscope
Dr. Rolf T Borlinghaus, Leica Microsystems GmbH
Since super-resolution has become one of the most favored methods in biomedical research, the term is gaining in popularity. Still, there is considerable confusion about what super-resolution is and what resolution is at all. Here, the classical view of microscopic resolution is discussed and some techniques...

Metrohm International
Chromium(VI) determination in toys
Metrohm International
You may deem the chance slim that mythical monsters are hiding underneath your offspring's beds. However, danger might be lurking there in the form of toy blocks, action fi gures, or crayons. Hazardous substances found in everyday items, including toys, pose a particular threat to children. Even low...

Quantitative Mechanical Property Mapping with PeakForce QNM
Bede Pittenger, Natalia Erina, Bruker Nano Surfaces Division
Dr. André Kempe, ScienceAnalytics

The unambiguous and quantitative modulus and adhesion data provided by PeakForce QNM® can help to answer the critical question of what materials are abundant on a topographic area and how they are distributed. QNM makes possible to study the variation and position of mechanical properties across a s...

© BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH
Bioanalysis - techniques for the characterization of biological material
Stefanie Heyl, © BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH
Everybody who studies natural organisms can be called a bioanalyst. Bioanalysis is therefore as old as mankind. Our biological knowledge is increasing rapidly and, along with it, the range of methods that have become available over the last decades to analyze complex biological samples. Science constantly...

Retsch GmbH
The Basic Principles of Sieve Analysis
Retsch GmbH
Many natural and manufactured materials occur in a disperse form, which means that they consist of differently shaped and sized particles. The particle size distribution, i.e. the number of particles of different sizes, is responsible for important physical and chemical properties such as: mechanical...

Polymer formation from CO2 - a Dream Production
Clemens Minnich, S-PACT
Gernot Nell, Parr Instrument Deutschland GmbH
Katrin Böhm, CAT Catalytic Center

The utilisation of CO2 as a feedstock for chemical syntheses has been envisioned by chemists for a long time. However, its chemical inertness and the high activation energy prohibited many straightforward routes to generate value-added products from CO2 so far. Recent developments...

Metrohm International
Round robin tests for trace analysis of heavy metals in drinking water
Metrohm International
Trace analysis is becoming increasingly important. Contributing to that trend are ever tighter directives for maximum concentrations of contaminants. Regulations call for sensitive and reliable methods that can quantify minute amounts of substances harmful to human health and the environment. The...

Hochschule Fresenius, Idstein
Fluorine analysis using molecular absorption spectroscopy
Dr. Tobias Frömel, Sascha Münster-Müller, Prof. Thomas P. Knepper, Hochschule Fresenius, Idstein
Fluorinated organic substances gained in importance in recent decades, because substitution with fluorine holds many beneficial characteristics for the application. Not only fluorinated polymers, such as polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE, Teflon®) are encountered at many places in everyday life, but many...

Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt (CVUA) Stuttgart
Analysis of Perchlorate in Food Samples of Plant Origin Applying the QuPPe-Method and LC-MS/MS
Ellen Scherbaum, Julia Hepperle, Anne Wolheim, Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt (CVUA) Stuttgart
This study reports about how to integrate the environmental contaminant perchlorate into the QuPPe multiresidue method for the analysis of polar pesticides. Perchlorate, along with a number of polar pesticides, was extracted with acidified methanol. The extracts were filtered and subjected to liquid...

© BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH
Peptides - diverse molecules of life
Walter Pytlik, © BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH
Peptides exist in all organisms, wherever there are cells. The range of their physiological functions is huge. Biologically active peptides can act as hormones, neurotransmitters, growth factors as well as toxins and antibiotics. This is what makes them highly interesting drug leads. They are used for...

Analytik Jena AG
Background Correction In AAS - Can You Really Trust It As Much As You Do?
Oliver Büttel, Analytik Jena AG
Background Correction (BGC) is an essential part of any spectrometric analysis. Typically a non-specific signal, the spectral background, is superimposed on the analyte-specific signal and needs to be excluded to obtain the net analyte signal. Different techniques have been developed to distinguish specific...

Metrohm International
The multipurpose poison
Metrohm International
Arsenic has many facets, but the primary one is the hazard it poses to millions of people around the world. Throughout the course of history, people have found uses for the various properties of arsenic and its compounds. Red and yellow arsenic sulfides (As2S3 and As4S4)...

Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt (CVUA) Stuttgart
Determination of quaternary ammonium compound residues in fruits and vegetables by QuEChERS following LC-MS/MS analysis
Ellen Scherbaum, Julia Hepperle, Dr. Eberhard Schüle, Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt (CVUA) Stuttgart
A simple and fast method to determine residues of quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC) in fruit and vegetable samples is presented. The analytes were extracted applying the frequently used QuEChERS method. Analysis was performed by liquid chromatography-electrospray tandem mass spectrometry (LC-ESI-MS/MS)...

Retsch GmbH
Representative analysis results require adequate sample preparation
Dr. Andreas Theisen, Retsch GmbH
The following situation is typical for many production plants: After a routine quality check, the production process is stopped or an already produced batch is suspended, because the analysis results were not within the relevant critical values. But does the tested product really deviate from the specifications?...

Polytec GmbH
Metals at the Limits - Thermomechanical Characterization of Materials under Extreme Conditions using a Laser Doppler Vibrometer
Dr. Goran Skoro, Polytec GmbH
Dr. J. R. J. Bennett
Dr. T. R. Edgecock

A new dynamic method for thermomechanical characterization of candidate target materials (tungsten, tantalum and molybdenum) has been developed as part of the program advancing high power targets for the UK Neutrino Factory. The materials used in the target systems of next generation high power particle...

Analytik Jena AG
Fast and Reliable TOC/TNb Determination in Saline Water Using the multi N/C® Series
Bernd Bletzinger, Analytik Jena AG
In many areas of application - extending far beyond drinking and waste water analysis - a fast and reliable TOC/TNb determination is required. The catalytic high temperature combustion with subsequent selective and sensitive detection of the combustion products CO2 and NO is an...

Universität Gießen, Institut für Ernährungswissenschaft
Advance your knowledge in Planar Chromatography: It's not what it used to be
Prof. Gertrud Morlock, Universität Gießen, Institut für Ernährungswissenschaft
In 2013, planar chromatography will celebrate its 75th anniversary. It seems to be an old technique with minor contribution to analytical tasks of today and, based on its versatility in the performance level, controversy is an ongoing issue for planar chromatography. It depends on the level of advanced...

nanoplus GmbH
Advanced gas sensing applications above 3 μm enabled by new DFB laser diodes
Lars Nähle, Dr. Lars Hildebrandt, Dr. Marc Fischer, nanoplus GmbH
nanoplus expands the wavelength range of application-grade monomode lasers for use in gas spectroscopy beyond 3 μm. Especially important for the monitoring of hydrocarbons, real-time sensing applications with formerly unattained accuracy become feasible with the new laser sources. A very versatile...

IoLiTec Ionic Liquids Technologies GmbH
Size controlled Preparation of Nanoparticles and safe-to-handle Nanoparticle Dispersions by the use of Ionic Liquids
Frank M. Stiemke, Adriana Willm, Thomas J. S. Schubert, IoLiTec Ionic Liquids Technologies GmbH
Ionic Liquids (ILs) are a new class of materials, consisting entirely of ions, which are liquid at unusual low temperatures1. Typical structural motifs combine organic cations with inorganic or, more rarely, organic anions. The lower symmetry of the cations or anions and the delocalisation of the charge...

Institut für Mikrotechnik Mainz GmbH
Micro-Valve Evaluation Test Bench
Rainer Gransee, Eva Schäffer, Marion Ritzi-Lehnert, Institut für Mikrotechnik Mainz GmbH
For the transfer of biochemical assays into Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) systems sophisticated valve concepts are needed due to the highly complex fluidic layouts. Often, these valve concepts also include fluid storage during shelf life and metering, separating and/or merging of fluids during the assay. Several...

Max-Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces, Research Campus Golm
Thermo-Responsive Stationary Phases for High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
Maria Magdalena Titirici, Farnoosh Roohi, Max-Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces, Research Campus Golm
In classical liquid chromatography, proteins are generally separated by employing RP-18 columns in the presence of acetonitrile or other organic solvents at low pH buffers as mobile phase. However, the presence of organic solvents often leads to the total denaturation of proteins, while acidic environments...