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Technical papers, application notes and case studies from laboratory, chemistry, life science and quality control

Imprint Analytics GmbH
GCMS and IRMS acquire the isotopic fingerprint of vanillin
Dr. Balasz Horvarth, Dr. David Psomiadis, Dr. Bernd Bodiselitsch, Imprint Analytics GmbH
Vanillin is the most popular flavor worldwide. It is traditionally produced from vanilla pods (Vanilla planifolia or other species) by maceration. However, natural vanilla production covers only 1% of global demand. 99 % of vanillin flavor is produced synthetically (petro-chemical origin) or biotechnologically...

Krüss GmbH
Dosing falling drops with a defined volume for contact and roll-off angles
Stefan Benn, Ming Jin, Frank Thomsen, Krüss GmbH
When it comes to measurements involving falling drops, the drop size and fall height have to be kept constant if comparable results are to be achieved. If the same needle diameter is used, falling drops of the same liquid are indeed always the same size. However, it is almost impossible to specify the...

Deutsche Metrohm GmbH & Co. KG
Ion Chromatography - tips and tricks
Deutsche Metrohm GmbH & Co. KG
One of the basic requirements for ensuring reliable chromatographic analyses is a high-performance separation column. Users of IC should regularly check the performance of their column. If a drop in performance becomes apparent, steps can be taken in good time to restore or maintain the proper functioning...

ACHEMA 2018: Containment in Process Engineering
A paradigm change in solids production is underway in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The trend to increased specialization and higher-potency active ingredients creates the need for hermetically sealed process flows. Government regulations are also becoming stricter. To an increasing extent,...

School of Materials Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, PR China
Determining the wettability of carbon fiber tows from single fiber contact angle data
Jian Wang, Si Qiu, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, PR China
Carlos A. Fuentes, Department of Materials Engineering, KU Leuven, Belgium

Physical adhesion between carbon fibers (CFs) and polymer matrices as well as the formation of voids at the interface between these two materials are mostly determined by the wetting properties of the fibers. Due to the hierarchical structure of CF reinforcements, it is essential to study their wetting...

Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH
Analytical methods for plastic packaging of foods
Uwe Oppermann, Marion Engelkraut-Holthus, Jan Knoop, Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH
The influence of cups, plastic bottles and film packaging on human health and the environment is a challenge. Supermarket shelves are full of products that are, in part, packaged in highly complex plastics. These types of packaging materials are lightweight and also highly stable, and protect expensive...