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New epMotion® 10 µL system for improved automated Liquid Handling performance of sub-microliter volumes

epMotion®Eppendorf extends its range of accessories and consumables for the epMotion® 5070, 5053 and 5075 automated Liquid Handling systems to facilitate pipetting of small volumes from 10 µL down to 200 nL. This includes two new dispensing tools, the TS 10 single channel and the TM 10-8 eight channel, together with dedicated epT.I.P.S.® Motion available in seven variations (with filter, sterile or reload options). The 10 µL system is rounded off with a new 10 mL reservoir consumable for small dead volume and a dedicated thermo adapter for the epMotion reservoir rack.

At the same time, Eppendorf is introducing the new epBlue™ 40.5 software version to operate the 10 µL tools on current epMotion systems. Customers will benefit from a new contact dispensing mode which is recommended for volumes below 1 µL, and a new height teaching feature which allows improved pipetting within labware tolerances.

In addition, the new epBlue software version comprises many more features supporting the ease-of-use and flexibility of epMotion.

"Equipped with the new 10 µL system, the epMotion is one of the most accurate and precise automated Liquid Handling systems on the market. Using it for downscaling routine applications like PCR set-up or NGS library preparation can yield significant cost savings" said Dr. Carsten Buhlmann, Global Product Manager at Eppendorf.

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