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Finding the right column easily and quickly - the HPLC Column Configurator

HPLC Column ConfiguratorFinding the right column out of over 70,000 HPLC columns with just a few clicks - and then getting a clear listing of prices and qualifying manufacturers? With the new HPLC Column Configurator by that's an easy task. A wide range of products is important to be able to offer the most suitable column for each analytical problem. In order to avoid the plethora of products turning into an opaque jungle, the free HPLC Column Configurator gives you a nice overview.

With the help of drop down menus you can easily filter the ideal HPLC column according to the required specifications. Thereby you will always find the right column for your needs - in addition there are suitable alternative columns from other manufacturers displayed. That's how to find the perfect column for your application and you can hereby possibly even save money.

First enter e.g. the packing material - for example LiChrospher®, Nucleosil®, Kromasil®, Xterra®, Symmetry®, or else. Then you specify the material accurately, e.g. RP18, CN, C18, Si, etc. Finally, you can set the length of the column (e.g. 150 mm or 300 mm), the inner diameter (e.g. 3.0 mm or 4.0 mm) and the particle size (e.g. 3 µm or 5 µm). You will then receive a list of matching columns of all available manufacturers. Here you will clear all columns with the relevant specifications and prices shown.

Thus, the ordering of HPLC columns is now much easier. You do not have to ask for prices and availability of columns at different manufacturers, for you will find here (almost) all HPLC columns on a vendor-neutral platform. We can also provide extensive information about manufacturers and products to help you compare.With our Column Configurator you find the columns not only in a matter of seconds but you are also provided an overview of all possible alternatives and their respective prices. Even without registering you can choose from over 70,000 analytical, preparative and UHPLC Columns.

HPLC ColumnsOur product range includes all sorts of high quality columns by manufacturers like Agilent Technologies, Waters, Sigma Aldrich, Macherey-Nagel, Grace and many more.

In case you're not able to find the right column, do not hesitate to contact us. Our product experts are happy to help!

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