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   Current novelties for analytical laboratories including instrumentation, software and quality control

KRÜSS GmbH Wissenschaftliche Laborgeräte
Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA30R for investigating dynamic interfacial processes for foams and emulsions
The unit measures the change in surface or interfacial tension (SFT/IFT) during deformation of the phase boundary. In practice, such deformations occur whenever multi-phase substance mixtures containing surfactants, such as foams or emulsions, are manufactured, processed o...

LabCognition, Analytical Software GmbH & Co. KG
RAMalyze! Less paper - more knowledge. Electronic dictionary for RAMAN functional group identification
Interpret your RAMAN spectra and get professional results with just a few clicks. Retrieve reliable functional group assignments and browse more than 400 tabulated functional groups in the built-in el...

LabCognition, Analytical Software GmbH & Co. KG
Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy Apps
New on target material identification apps based on Infrared and Raman spectra databases! Quickly analyze polymers and plastics, pharmaceuticals, environmental, forensic and other materials. You only ...

Bruker Optik GmbH
BRAVO - The new handheld Raman spectrometer from Bruker:
Innovative, powerful and easy to operate

Dedicated for the verification of materials in various industries, BRAVO innovates the design for handheld Raman spectrometers. BRAVO relies on the proven Bruker innovation and quality and combines la...

SilcoTek GmbH
Dursan® - Bio-inert coating for Medical Equipment for the prevention of unwanted Protein sticking
Dursan® is a CVD-coating of intermolecularly-bonded silicon, carbon and oxygen atoms that creates a chemically inert, hydrophobic, anti-adhesive and corrosion resistant surface. Prevention of biof...

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   Latest news from analytical laboratory, environment, chemistry, life sciences and quality control

  • XXL computed tomography: a new dimension in X-ray analysis
    Researchers at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft have achieved decisive progress in computed tomography. For the first time, it is now possible to analyze even very large objects with X-ray technology. XXL computed...
  • Further confirmation of quantum mechanics
    Quantum physics is a popular scientific discipline - or so it would seem from the Big Bell Test on 30 November 2016, which involved more than 100,000 people around the world. On the day, 12 scientific...
  • Antibiotic resistance - quick and reliable detection
    Early detection of antibiotic resistant pathogens can be life-saving. DZIF-scientists at the Institute for Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Hygiene, University of Cologne, have developed an antibody-based...
  • Accelerating analysis for designer drugs
    Designer drugs - drugs that are similar in effect, but slightly different in structure, to existing drugs - are an increasing problem for regulators and lawmakers, and a real threat to society. They are...
  • Mechanism of action for a class of bacterial toxins uncovered
    Pore-forming toxins are common bacterial poisons. They attack organisms by introducing holes in cell membranes. A team of scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has now unraveled the mechanism...

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   Latest jobs for chemists, biologists, engineers, laboratory heads, assistants and technicians

BIOCRATES Life Sciences AG
Analytical Scientist for Mass Spectrometry based Metabolomics (m/f)
Development and validation of metabolomics/lipidomics analytical assays and research kit products for biological samples, Independent planning and documentation of mass spectrometry-based assays (GC-MS, (U)HPLC-MS/MS, HRMS) including sample preparation for quantitation of endogenous metabolites f

Tentamus Group GmbH
Lean Manager (m/f)
Role and objectives: Improve operations efficiency of the laboratories. Streamline the operational processes by using LEAN practices and approaches, and by making good use of IT so as to achieve high efficiency. Support the development, implementation and optimal use of the company's LIMS and

  • Sales Trainer Separations Technology (m/w)
    Under supervision and with support from leadership, will assess training needs related to LC separations products and MS products. Will design and create training manuals, learning modules, and course...
  • Product Manager Excipients (m/f)
    University degree in natural science (pharmacy, chemistry) well based knowledge in the pharmaceutical technology 3 years + as a hands-on Product or Sales Manager (business development, co...
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist (m/f)
    Bachelor of Science Degree in related field e.g. Microbiology, Biology or other sciences Must have a minimum of 5+ years of experience in a regulated industry (e.g., medical devices, phar...

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   Latest laboratory fairs, congresses and seminars

LAB-SUPPLY 2018 Berlin
2018/06/28 LAB-SUPPLY.info, Berlin [D]

Gläsernes Labor Akademie
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) - Basic Course Biotechnology
2018/08/23 - 2018/08/31 Gläsernes Labor Akademie, Berlin-Buch [D]

LAB-SUPPLY 2018 Dresden
2018/08/29 LAB-SUPPLY.info, Dresden [D]

Surface Measurement Systems
1st European Symposium on Sorption Science
2018/09/05 - 2018/09/07 Surface Measurement Systems, Wien [A]

Division Analytische Wissenschaften der SCG
Chemometrics: Multivariate Mathematical Methods in Analytical Chemistry
2018/09/10 Division Analytische Wissenschaften der SCG, Olten [CH]

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   Technical Papers for Analytical Laboratories

  • Dosing falling drops with a defined volume for contact and roll-off angles
    When it comes to measurements involving falling drops, the drop size and fall height have to be kept constant if comparable results are to be achieved. If the same needle diameter is used, falling drops...
  • Ion Chromatography - tips and tricks
    One of the basic requirements for ensuring reliable chromatographic analyses is a high-performance separation column. Users of IC should regularly check the performance of their column. If a drop in performance...
  • ACHEMA 2018: Containment in Process Engineering
    A paradigm change in solids production is underway in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The trend to increased specialization and higher-potency active ingredients creates the need for hermetically...

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