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   Current novelties for analytical laboratories including instrumentation, software and quality control

Retsch GmbH
New Knife Mill GRINDOMIX GM 200 for Quick and Effective Homogenization of Food Samples
Tough? Fatty? Fibrous? No problem for the new GM 200! The GRINDOMIX is the perfect mill to homogenize dry, oily, fatty, soft and tough sample materials - for analysis results with minimum standard dev...

Eppendorf AG
The new Eppendorf Tube and Cuvette Racks
This new product line combines optimized functionality and high robustness with an attractive design. The Eppendorf Tube and Cuvette Racks ensure user-friendly and efficient handling of clearly arr...

Retsch Technology GmbH
The New Particle Analyzer CAMSIZER X2: higher resolution, extended measuring range and excellent statistics
The latest generation of the well-proven dynamic image analysis system CAMSIZER XT from RETSCH Technology provides an extended dynamic measuring range from 0.8 µm to 8 mm with short measurement times ...

Analytik Jena AG
mercur - Fully Automatic Hg Ultra Trace Analysis
mercurAFS or AAS - various configurations for the whole range of mercury analysis:The mercur is available in either AFS or AAS configuration, and for maximum flexibility as a combined AFS and AAS conf...

Analytik Jena AG
Zeeman Technology for Maximum Sensitivity - Matching any Analytical Problem
The proven ZEEnit series has been redesigned!The ZEEnit 650 P, a Zeeman AAS for graphite furnace and hydride techniques, and the ZEEnit 700 P, a compact tandem spectrometer for flame, hydride and grap...

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   Latest news from analytical laboratory, environment, chemistry, life sciences and quality control

  • A parallel MRI method accelerating imaging time proposed
    KAIST researchers proposed new technology that reduces MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) acquisition time to less than a sixth of the conventional method. They made a reconstruction method using machine...
  • Plastic Waste: a European strategy to protect the planet
    It will protect the environment from plastic pollution whilst fostering growth and innovation, turning a challenge into a positive agenda for the Future of Europe. There is a strong business case for transforming...
  • Ultra-sensitive temperature sensor
    Can a "thermometer" consist of a thin film or tiny (micrometer or even nanometer scale) particles, operate in real time and in very well-defined regions with a spatial resolution ranging from a centimeter...
  • Measurement of noble gases in Antarctic ice cores
    The average sea temperature is an essential parameter of the global climate - but it is very difficult to measure. At least until now, because an international team of researchers including Empa scientists...
  • A major step forward in organic electronics
    The first printable organic electrochemical transistors were presented by researchers at LiU as early as 2002, and research since then has progressed rapidly. Several organic electronic components, such...

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   Latest jobs for chemists, biologists, engineers, laboratory heads, assistants and technicians

Tentamus Group GmbH
Lean Manager (m/f)
Role and objectives: Improve operations efficiency of the laboratories. Streamline the operational processes by using LEAN practices and approaches, and by making good use of IT so as to achieve high efficiency. Support the development, implementation and optimal use of the company's LIMS and

Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
Research Associate Sustainable Chemistry Synthesis (m/f)
Completed academic university degree in the field of chemistry or PhD, Knowledge in sustainable chemistry, green chemistry, chemistry in general, Expertise in green chemistry and sustainable chemistry with a focus on synthesis of chemicals and materials, at MSc or PhD level, Interest in working in a

Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
Research Associate Sustainable Chemistry Education (m/f)
Completed academic university degree in the field of chemistry or PhD, Experience in sustainable chemistry, green chemistry, chemistry and teaching, Teaching and/or implementation of study courses is beneficial, Working experience in an interdisciplinary research team and a wider research network is

  • Associate Scientist, Analytical Chemistry (m/f)
    Technical proficiency in analytical chemistry, preferentially in the areas of quantitative and instrumental analysis Curiosity about and the ability to learn, understand and apply experim...
  • Flow Cytometry Specialist (m/f)
    As a member of the Miltenyi Biotec North America Sales Team, you will be responsible for our flow instruments throughout the Great Lakes region based in Columbus. You will use your instrument sales ac...

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   Latest laboratory fairs, congresses and seminars

BCNP Consultants
2nd European Chemistry Partnering
2018/02/23 BCNP Consultants, Frankfurt am Main [D]

LAB-SUPPLY 2018 Main
2018/03/14 LAB-SUPPLY.info, Frankfurt am Main [D]

Springer Campus in Kooperation mit HBIGS
Patent Law in Life Sciences and Chemistry
2018/03/14 - 2018/04/11 Springer Campus in Kooperation mit HBIGS, online course [D]

Transgenic Animals - Micromanipulation Techniques
2018/04/10 - 2018/04/11 Eppendorf, Heidelberg [D]

Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh)
Safety & Selectivity in the Scale Up of Chemical Reactions
2018/04/19 - 2018/04/20 Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh), Frankfurt am Main [D]

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   Technical Papers for Analytical Laboratories

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